Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food Adventures: Art-Is-In Bakery Edition

Alright so I am big on tumblr and I often search Ottawa tagged posts on there. One time I came across photos of an amazing menu board list that caught my eye. Turned out to be from the Art-Is-In Bakery. I started following them on facebook and have been drooling over there baked good and food pics ever since!

I finally made plans with one of my gf's to head there for lunch yesterday. It was by far the best choice we could have made on the first day of snow fall here in Ottawa.

From the street you might not even notice this awesome hidden gem. On an industrial road set in with a bunch of warehouses, Art-Is-in Bakery is an unsuspecting wonder of delicious delights!

Once we figured out where this place was we walked in and were beyond suprised to see what a busy little hole in the wall it was. With a line up of at least 30 people and tables full of feasting patrons this place still felt welcoming and homey. (that line kept going well past the end off what this photo caught)

We weren't too sure how it worked so we just decided to hot in line and figure it out as we went. Once in line you start to notice all the fun chalk board menus up along the walls. It's a small but amazing selection of food with a permanent list of delightful sounding sandwiches along with daily  specials and soups of the day.

Yesterdays specials menus included tourtiere as well as brisket topped poutine with gruyere cheese! They also had squash and celery root soup, and leek soup. I decided to go with the buttermilk brined chicken ceaser sandwich, squash and celery root soup and house salad.

 Every thing I had was absolutely amazing and had me wanting more! I ended up buying the cheddar, rosemary, jalapeno bread that my sandwich was made on because it was to good for words and I don't even like spicy things! I also felt the need to pick up some of their desserts! A chocolate tart, lemon tart and some sort of raspberry dessert.

We had company over last night and they enjoyed all these little treats just as much as I had hoped they would and plan on making their first visit themselves to Art-Is-In very soon!

Hours of Operations
Tuesday to Friday7am to 6pm
Saturday8am to 5pm
Sunday8:30am to 3pm
They also have booths at lots of local farmers markets so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!